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What Happens During Treatment

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The first treatment lasts 1h15 and involves a 15 min consultation regarding general health and lifestyle and diet questions as well as medical and family history. Shoes and socks are then taken off and the patient will lie down on a couch, bed or a chair for the session.

The treatment starts with a relaxing massage on both feet and then moves on to the specific pressure points on each foot.

The experience should feel pleasant and soothing but there can be a slight discomfort or tenderness on certain points. This usually shows an imbalance or sensitivity in that area. The therapist will work on these points to help release the blockages and alleviate the pain.

The results of the treatments will be discussed at the end and a treatment plan will be provided according to your needs and requirements.

Every follow-up treatment will last 1 hour.

All personal information given is kept strictly private and confidential.

Indian Head Massage

The first treatment lasts 45 minutes and includes an initial consultation regarding your general health, lifestyle and medical history.

The patient will then sit on a chair and the session will start.

It will involve massaging the back, shoulders, neck and head following a specific sequence of movements.

Unless specified, the massage does not use any oil and is therefore not damaging to clothes or hair.

Every follow up treatment lasts 30 min and a course of treatments will be planned to suit your needs.

Holistic Massage

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A Holistic massage treatment usually lasts 1 hour or 1h30 for deeper work on the back, neck and shoulders area.

The client will lie on a massage couch in underwear but fully covered with big towels. The massage starts with the client lying on the front. Halfway through the session, the client will be asked to turn onto his/her back for the second half of the treatment.

A light base oil is used, such as grapeseed or sunflower oil. Clients are welcome to bring their own blend if they wish to be massaged with a particular oil.

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