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Maternity Reflexology



Through relaxation and rebalancing, reflexology can help to support  the individual or couple on their conception journey. It can relieve the stress that often accompanies infertility issues. Stress induces physical changes in the body that can alter the release of hormones.

 Specific reflexology techniques are used  working on the endocrinal system, the reproductive system, reducing stress, supporting the immune system and help detoxifying the body. Reflexology can also be of great support for couples undergoing IVF or any other course of assisted reproduction treatments.



Pregnancy is a time in a woman's life where the body will undergo significant changes on an emotional, hormonal and physical basis. During this precious time, reflexology can help ease aches, pains and symptoms of pregnancy to aims at maximising the mother's health potential.

Anecdotal evidence has also found it effective to help towards a natural and shorter labour.

Reflexology treatments can start at any stage of pregnancy as long as it has been discussed and agreed with both practitioner and client. A course of treatments is recommended for maximum benefit. Frequency and number of treatments will be discussed and tailored to suit your personal needs.

Post- natal care

Reflexology will assist post- natal recovery in rebalancing the body and its hormones and give a well - deserved relaxation time for new mums and reduce the chances of post-natal depression.

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